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Project Description
This project aims to provide some essential and generic bulk actions for SharePoint lists. Idea is to include any custom actions that can be applied on lists in bulk. List item selection is also provided, so not only you can do your actions in bulk but also selectively.
  • List Item Selection - Enables you to select list items using a checkbox. Simply you can enable/disable item selection feature using actions menu button. jQuery is used to provide this functionality.
  • Generic Bulk Actions - Delete, Checkin/Checkout, Publish/Unpublish actions can be performed on list items in bulk.
  • Update Metadata - Update common metadata of selected documents. For example if 3 documents - Doc1, Doc2, Doc2 belongs to 3 different content types CT1, CT2, CT3 respectively, then only common fields of CT1, CT2 and CT3 will be available to update. Also existing values for fields are shown so that users can select among existing ones in addition to entering a new value for the fields.
  • Move Documents - You can move documents from one library to another in bulk. Destination library can reside in a different subsite. First you select destination web and then destination library as shown below.
Versions of moved documents are also preserved. Moreover, in version history there is an additional comment showing where documents are moved from, i.e. source library. Also if document is of a certain content type, then that content type is added to destination library automatically prior to moving the document.
Move.jpg versions.jpg

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