Activate 'Custom Actions' feature for site collection

Sep 14, 2011 at 9:11 PM

Is this working for SharePoint 2010 yet?  I have SharePoint Server 2010 (Enterprise).

In your documentation you state that we need to activate the following site collection features prior to using spbulkactions:

1. jQuery
2. Multiple List Item Selection
3. Custom Actions

I was able to see and activate the jQuery and Multiple List Item Selection features in the list of available features for my site collection.  I don't see any feature called 'Custom Actions' though.  The third feature I got from this solution was 'Bulk List Actions', which I did activate.  Is this the same feature as 'Custom Actions'?  All three features (Bulk List Actions, jQuery, and Multiple List Item Selection) are activated, yet I don't see any 'Bulk Actions' menus or options in the ribbon, nor do I see anything in the item menu (I have the exact same set of options in the ribbon and in the item menu as I had before I deployed this solution and activated the three aforementioned features).

Am I missing something?